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Jul 23, 2012 4:30am PDT
shootings in colorado. the suspect james holmes is refusing to speak with authorities. he spent months stockpiling an arsenal of bullets and weapons. authorities believe he act add loan. katie marzullo -- he acted alone. katie marzullo joins us. >> reporter: in a few hours james holmes could be in court his appearance set for 7:30 this morning. he does not have to be present in court. it is possible his attorney, a public defender, could show up alone for the proceeding. holmes will not be charged today. prosecutors have three days to file the charges there will be at least 71, one for each victim and probably more. authorities are no closer to knowing the motive. someone who knows holmes is speaking out the family pastor in san diego. >> he was a little on the quiet side. in one conversation it was obvious he was intelligent. he goals. going to be a professional. >> reporter: the police chief says holmes has lawyered up and not cooperating. as far as the stockpile of bullets at his home, 6,000 rounds were found. authorities say he bought them online which is unregulated. they say all
Jul 24, 2012 4:30am PDT
: all eyes were on the courtroom yesterday as we got that first glimpse of james holmes. authorities are wide-eyed at what they found in his apartment. this morning we are getting the item lighted list. -- itemized list. there were 30 ied's attached to trip wires 10 gallons of gas to enhance the thermal effect after explosion. the detonated devices are being taken to virginia for fbi analysis. the man accused of bidding that death trap and shooting and killing 12 people seemed out of it in court yesterday. >> he looked like someone who didn't know what was going on. and that leads to all sorts of important and fascinating legal questions about his mental state. >> reporter: families of some of the victims were in court. a father who lost his son calls holmes a coward. the district attorney says she will be consulting with those families before deciding if she will pursue the death penalty. holmes has another court appearance next monday >>> this morning the attorney representing the san diego family of james holmes says his parents are standing by him, because he's their son. the att
Jul 30, 2012 4:30am PDT
matters. james holmes has been held without bond. he appeared to pay very little attention to the court and looked dazed at times. it is expected first degree murder charges will be filed with at least a dozen counts. >> formal filing of charges this monday july 30th. >> reporter: the prosecution is expected to lay down the hammer on 24-year-old james holmes, 10 days after the massacre. at his arraignment, he could face hundreds of charges, including 12 counts of first degree murder, 58 counts of attempted murder. reckless endangerment for the explosive is. >> i don't care what the motive is, -- he knew what he was doing. that's it. i want to see justice. >> reporter: ashley's stepmother says she will be in the courtroom. ashley not only lost her 6-year-old daughter veronica, she too was shot several times and has suffered a miscarriage. >> it was because of stress, because of trauma. ashley has been through a lot. >> reporter: some of the -- so have the victims' families, many buried their loved ones over the weekend. at the center of the investigation is a notebook holmes sent to his
Jul 26, 2012 4:30am PDT
the shootings, sent by james holmes and contains a notebook with vivid descriptions of his planned attack. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: this morning, a huge clue about the suspected shooter in the movie theater massacre. sources tell abc news james holmes may have mailed to the university of colorado, the school he attended until dropping out last month, a notebook detailing plans to carry out the massacre. fox news quotes a law enforcement source who says the notebook contains full details about how holmes planned to kill people, including graphic illustrations of stick figures shooting and killing one another. in denver yesterday, the first memorial service for one of the 12 victims of the shooting. i was for a 51-year-old man who went to the movie with his teenaged children they escaped harmed, he was killed. >> it is hard. but it was good. >> reporter: many of the law enforcement heroes from that night paid tribute to the victims all human and affected by this greatly. >> reporter: this morning, we are hearing from more of the victims and their families and you might be surpr
Jul 25, 2012 4:30am PDT
the aurora police headquarters the hours after the shooting, james holmes was staring at the wall, eyebrows twitching, he even used evidence bags placed over his hands by detectives as hand pup mets. holmes will be charged monday. that -- tahman bradley, abc news. >>> stay with us for the latest developments on the tragedy in colorado. we are updating developments on twitter. >>> gilroy police looking for the person or people who managed to steal more than $12,000 worth of tickets for this weekend's garlic festival. 1,000 tickets were taken between june 5th, and july 2nd. half were for adult admission and the other half for seniors and children. some of the tickets have been sold online. buyer beware, they will not be honored at the entrance gates. officials say there are large numbers on the tickets and they know which ones were stolen. >>> shame all around, including for the folks who spent the money to buy tickets online. >> police are on the scent, they will find out. >>> the scent is especially strong this weekend by then warm again. >> let's check in with mike. >> garlic ice cream may
Jul 31, 2012 4:30am PDT
. here's more on his day in court. >>reporter: in a packed colorado courtroom james holmes heard the charges that could cause him his life. he sat daze confused. prosecutor charge him with 24 counts of murder for each of the 12 people killed and attempted murder for the people injured. many of the victims showed up to hear the charges. they saw holmes fiery orange hair and heard him speak if the judge asked him if he wanted waive his right to a speedy trail. >> he looked like an anim in a corner. just a sickly animal that was defeated. >> they argued over whether a notebook mailed to his psychiatrist will be used as evidence in the case. >> it could offer insight whether halce is mentally il. >> 4:48 this morning, indian is dealing with a massive power out age. a power grid failed and caused a cascading blackout. it is the third failure in two days. they have left 600 million people without electricity. traffic lights and rail system is down. and triple failures are raising questions about india's outdated infrastructure and the government's inability to meet the exploding energy
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6